Built-up Roofing For Your San Diego Building

Why choose a built-up roof for your residential or commercial building? Depending on your current covering, built-up roofing (BUR) may be most ideal because of shape and slope.

San Diego Built-Up Roof: The Best Choice for Your Building

Extremely favored in business venues, this type of roof works well in a residential situation as well. Not sure what kind of roof you need? Trust our San Diego professionals at Roofing101 to assess what covering would suit your building best. No matter what roofing system is most ideal, rest assured that our skilled, highly-trained industry experts will install it seamlessly.

Roof Solutions in San Diego

More often than not, commercial properties prefer a built-up roof. While the list of reasons is long, for the most part, it all comes down to its impressive waterproof and durable features. Get optimal protection with a truly hard-wearing covering, complete with high UV resistance.

Why choose this kind of system for your San Diego property?

  • Easy installation
  • Ultimate weather and temperature protection
  • Long-lasting system
  • Proven, reliable covering
  • Heat intake reduction options
  • Cost-effectively priced
  • Superior waterproofing

Built-Up vs. Single Membrane

Single-membrane options, what’s typically a more modern approach to roofing, focuses mainly on UV protection. However, with BUR, there are many added benefits, including easy installation, structure flexibility options, and long-term warranty. Looking for true peace-of-mind for your residential or commercial building? Then it’s time to consider a BUR.

Roofing101 for Professional Support

Make sure your new roof is installed properly by calling on the industry experts at Roofing101. Our professionals use high-grade materials and proven installation methods to assure you get a long-lasting covering. Give our San Diego team a call today for more information on our wide array of specialty, quality roofing applications, or to book a free quote for your San Diego home.