You have a new roof! It’s beautiful, well-installed, long-lasting and the perfect color. By all accounts, it’s an excellent investment in your home and an important step in lengthening the life and value of your home. The curb appeal is outstanding, but the job isn’t over yet. Before your local roofing contractor packs up and moves on to the next job, there is the matter of roofing clean-up.

Roofing Clean-up is the gathering and removal of debris discarded from your roof during removal and installation. Roofing debris can include roofing nails, shingles, pieces of fascia and flashing, roofing felt and underlayment, pieces of drip edge and extra decking. Part of the job is cleaning up the mess, and a good roofer will take care to lay down tarps and have a dumpster on-site to remove debris quickly and efficiently as the job progresses.

  • Make sure that clean-up is in the contract as part of the complete roofing job. Don’t sign a contract that doesn’t specifically outline the clean-up procedure.
  • Don’t sign-off on a roofing job until after the clean-up has been performed to your satisfaction. Inspect your yard and look for any debris that wasn’t there prior to the roofing job. Only when a complete clean-up has been performed should you sign off on the job.
  • Have your roofer check once more for nails before they leave the site. For safety reasons, nails need to be removed. Roofers have various methods of doing this, including metal detectors and magnetic devices. It’s worth the little bit of extra time it takes for one more check to see if any nails remain. Not only are they dangerous if you step on them, they can also damage your lawn equipment or becoming flying projectiles when run over by a lawn mower.
  • If your landscaping or lawn has been damaged by a roofer, it is their responsibility to replace the damaged grass or shrubbery. Accidents can happen no matter how careful a roofer is—they are dealing with large quantities of heavy materials in a short period of time. Your roofer doesn’t want to damage your property, but if something does happen, make sure it is dealt with before signing off on the completion of the roofing project.
  • Roofing tar is sticky and hard to remove. Roofers have the proper clean-up tools for roofing tar. Make sure it is removed from your sidewalks and siding before your roofer leaves.

A good roofer will do a great clean-up job and consider it part of the service. Dessert Companies roofers are considerate and efficient, always taking care of clean-up before considering a job finished.